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Thank you for visiting. This site is run by Charles Paxton of,  legal and technical information for this blog and its associated website can be viewed by clicking here.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, you are welcome to visit the Lyvennet Community Website

Please note that this blog allows me as administrator to view information about visitors and commentators on the blog, such as IP addresses where provided, geographical location, and email addresses (registered users and commentators only). I promise not to send SPAM, or share these details with third parties except when required to do so by law and in the case where it would be useful in defending myself in a dispute.

If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my website.

Please view the LVC website and this blog’s legal and privacy information by clicking here.

This  blog uses Cookies associated with third party service providers Automattic.

The LVCPnews Blog, provided free via run by Automattic, uses its own html Cookie files to remember your unique computer and browser configuration to personalise your experience of the blog and to recognise you between visits. This allows users to register once with the blog if they so wish to be included in the LVCPnews mailing list and henceforth to log-in with their chosen password.  Automattic promise to respect users’ privacy, you may click here to view the Automattic Privacy Policy.

These Cookie files are small text files stored on your computer that send information about your use of this website and linked banner advertisements should there be any, to the named third parties’ web servers.

If you wish to continue using the LVC website and this blog as normal with these Cookies enabled, simply continue to use this website as normal.

You can, however, choose to use this website without Cookies by selecting to block your browser’s acceptance of Cookies via your browser’s preference settings if you wish. Seek instructions on how to do this via your  chosen browser’s ‘Help’ facility as the method to block Cookie files varies by browser type.  If you need more help or more information about Cookies, please see for help with changing settings on different browsers.

On our main website I use Adobe’s Flash technology  in the photo galleries which use Flash cookies in their operation. These aren’t controlled by EU legislation. You can control these from Macromedia’s website if you wish, click here for Adobe’s Website Storage Settings control panel and associated information. provides the blog free on the condition that they may run advertisements of their choice, for their benefit, on the pages and posts whenever they wish. See for details. These advertisements may link to third party websites that use their own Cookie files over which I have no control. Neither I nor the LVC endorse the products and services so advertised.

Neither I, nor anyone else connected to the Lyvennet Community Plan will ever ask you for your credit card details or banking details. This is a non-commercial community site run with volunteer labour.

Thank you very much for visiting.


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