Have you seen this cat?

Please can you keep an eye out, perhaps check your outbuildings for this cat? It’s been missing in Crosby Ravensworth area for about 5 days and the family are anxious. Any information gratefully received by Juliet Golding. Advertisements

Rush hour in Maulds Meaburn. Cattle returning from milking.

Happy New Year! Superfast Broadband Is Here.

Maulds Meaburn Cabinet Passes Test! Superfast Broadband Is Here! by C.Paxton  (First Draft, subject to possible amendment) Those of us who have noted increased activity of BT Openreach vans and the laying of cables in the face of gales will be pleased to hear it confirmed that there’s good news about the deployment of Superfast…

The inner stone circle at Oddendale, Crosby Ravensworth. C.Paxton photo and copyright.

Walks in Eden: Oddendale Stone Circle

Crosby Ravensworth Parish is blessed with some fine country walks and when you combine these with the remarkable number and variety of prehistoric sites you have great potential for memorable expeditions. Cumbria has a few other places with many prehistoric sites within walking and cycling distance of each other to my knowledge. The nearest comparison is probably the Shap Avenue…