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Charles Paxton

Charles Paxton, ex-Parish councilor, manages this blog remotely. To contact, please email him by removing the superfluous spam-controlling punctuation from the email address charl!es@thewebcat.biz


Last updated: 24th of April, 2018

Hello, this is Charles Paxton.

For all legislative purposes I’m running this blog solely, as an unpaid volunteer and am the primary point of contact for all matters regarding this blog and its contents. I’m writing to tell you that this is now the only LVCP site on the web. I’m no longer maintaining the old community website as all the information there is now available on this blog anyway, or elsewhere through dedicated sites such as the school’s which are linked from this site. I hope you don’t mind, but there didn’t seem much point in duplicating the information, especially if their info is more up to date and I felt the need to consolidate things a bit.


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This site serves as a public notice board for the Steering Group and Community Group leaders within the Lyvennet Valley Community. It is intended to facilitate sharing digital communication within the Lyvennet Valley Community not to supplant or supersede The Lyvennet Link newsletter,  LCT website or physical notice boards, in some cases  information will be commonly shared in various publications, in other cases it will be exclusively published here or in the Link.

Posts on the topics that feature in the LVCP Report or that are related to such topics are welcomed, as are notices of events in the LVC area that are expected to be of interest to the public.

There is scope on this site for displaying photo, video and audio media galleries as well as written text. Don’t be surprised to see contributions from multiple authors and please do exercise your right to contribute comments on the posted articles (referred to as posts) and to contribute posts yourselves on subjects that interest you. Note that comments may be moderated and edited if necessary to comply with the laws of the United Kingdom, be of a minimum standard of writing that is acceptable and readily readable, and suit the Editors’ sense of ethical propriety.

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What is the Lyvennet Valley Community Plan All About?

Please find links to Parish documents below:

Directory of local groups and services 2014 

This explanatory text is lifted straight from the 2009 LVCP Report as published by the LVC Steering Group.
“The British Government published an important White Paper called ‘Our Countryside: The Future – A Fair Deal For Rural England’ in November 2000. According to DEFRA, the aim was “to deliver an improved quality of life for everyone in the countryside.”  Our Community Plan is an attempt to achieve the goals outlined in DEFRA’s initiative encompassed by their “vision of:

•    a living countryside, with thriving rural communities and access to high quality public services;
•    a working countryside, with a diverse economy giving high and stable levels of employment;
•    a protected countryside in which the environment is sustained and enhanced, and which all can enjoy;
•    a vibrant countryside which can shape its own future and with its voice heard by Government at all levels.”

This fits in with our own wishes, via our Parish Council and Parish Meeting. The LVCP is all about community engagement with maintaining the things we value and improving the quality of our lives.

The cover of the LVCP Report 2009, with the sun reflecting from the River Lyvennet as a six-pointed star

Real solar reflection on front cover of LVCP Report. Click this image to access the Whole LVCP Report 2009 as PDF, right click and ‘save as’ to save a copy to a folder of your choice.

As the title suggests, the Paper is concerned about management of the countryside to meet current and future needs of the communities that live there and use it. Amongst other things, it promises advice and grants to help rural communities such as ours to become more self-aware and self-determining in regard to issues that local residents feel are important in broad line with the government’s vision as mentioned above. Grants of money for rural community projects are already available, but the process is “bid led”,  which means that if we don’t draft a proposal with evidence of a well researched need and bid for the funding, then we won’t get it. Other Cumbrian communities have already produced Parish Plans and are bidding for funding for projects that their residents say they want.

It is up to our rural community, where and whenever possible, to shape its own future development very like our predecessors used to. In short the Lyvennet Valley Community Plan  ( henceforth referred to as the LVCP) is about engaging as many people in the community as possible in an ongoing process of establishing community priorities and of development paths.

Whether we like it or not, we live in a rapidly changing world. Stasis is a hard-won illusion and comes at a cost. With society ageing fast, we are losing many of the “old guard” who have been keeping things running so smoothly and well for so long. We have gathered information about 30 local groups, clubs and societies which play an important part in our social life (See Appendix C). Some residents are active members of many of them, others are not involved at all. The survey shows that there are opportunities to be sociable here on our doorsteps for many adult activities – perhaps less for younger folk, especially teenagers, but we aim to address that deficiency.

Change happens, and it is up to us ensure that as much of it is as desirable as possible! Those of us who want some things to remain the same may have to raise our voices as loudly as those of us who want to change them. If we aren’t vigilant, we might find that changes spoil the things and traditions that we love. Changes don’t have to be negative. Residents will be aware of recent development projects within the LVCP area, such as the refurbishment of  Crosby Ravensworth’s Village Hall, the work in progress on the Village Institute and the construction of a fish ladder at Maulds Meaburn. If there is evidence that such work is important to sufficient numbers of us, Parish projects can protect and enhance features and services in the area that already exist as well as making innovations, as and when identified as needed.”


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