You need to move quickly if you would like to join our ‘go ahead’ community

There are now just two self-build plots left for sale at Stoneworks Garth.

Lyvennet Community Trust

For Sale sign from Wilkes Green Hill There are only two remaining self-build plots and two shared ownership / outright sale houses left on the Stoneworks Garth site in Crosby Ravensworth.

We have sold 5 of the 7 building plots on the site for people to construct their own design of house. Included in the designs is a rare Bustin example of a Passivhaus. This only leaves the last 2 self-build plots to sell.

In addition there are also 2 ready build houses (one a 3 bedroom with garage and the other one a 2 bedroom property) available for sale, either on a ‘joint ownership’ basis or for outright purchase. All of the houses built by the LCT have very high levels of insulation and they are all heated by air source heat pumps. This arrangement means that they are all cheap to run as well as being cheap to rent or buy – truly affordable.


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