Tatecraft – Resident Artist Adam Clarke Short-listed For Tate Britain1K Prize 2014

Great news! Artist Adam Clarke of Crosby Ravensworth Parish has been shortlisted (as one of four contenders) for the Tate Britain IK Prize 2014 with the concept of Tatecraft! The first year of the prize, it recognises the most exciting digital creators in the UK today.  Adam of thecommonpeople.tv was selected as finalist with his imaginative concept that will promote digital education and render the Tate experience accessible to many more people.


The project is to create an incredibly detailed Minecraft Map ( a digital construction game) that will actually take players inside the art gallery and artwork, and even beyond, into the artist’s studio. The details and vision are amazing. This is really exciting stuff and they are also the only family run, rural contender. The video even features The Invisible Orchard atelier in Morland, where people enjoy arts and crafts, some, like Minecraft are digital games, camouflaged learning.

There are 6 judges, and the seventh judge is the public. So please, if you like the project or just want to support us their endeavour, do cast your vote. It is very easy to do. Just go to the link below, watch the videos and cast your vote. And if you feel able to share this news, please do.
Here is the link to see the four shortlisted artists for the Tate IK prize. You can vote online for Adam and votes close on 24th Jan.



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