Lyvennet Photography Club Inaugural Meeting Dec. 8th Butchers Arms

The inaugural gathering of The Lyvennet Photography Club at The Butchers Arms

The inaugural gathering of The Lyvennet Photography Club at The Butchers Arms.

By Charles Paxton

Lyvennet Photography Club held its inaugural meeting on Dec. 8th at The Butchers Arms Community Pub, Crosby Ravensworth. Charles Paxton said  of the meeting, “I really enjoyed our get-together and learned a lot. I feel upbeat about the club and the possibilities. Our members have a nice wide range of experience, expertise, backgrounds and equipment and interests. I’d like to thank you all for your enthusiasm and the help that you have already bestowed to us/each-other.  ”

Founder members are Adrian, Helen and Alasdair Marsh, Steve Holroyd, Ginny Holroyd, Mandy Dawkins, Ruth Tuer, John Gravett, Paul Arkle, Joan Raine, Charles Paxton.

We began in the tap-room but then moved upstairs to the new (and very nice) meeting room and discussed what we wanted to do as a group and here is my understanding of what we agreed might be worth trying initially.

We agreed that we’d start off with one meeting per month at The Butchers Arms, the next will be Thursday 16th January.

At our meetings, we will chat about photography and good locations and subjects, show off some of our pictures, share tips and ask and answer technical questions to further our enjoyment of photography and advance our theoretical understanding and practical skills. We considered activities in terms of photography input (taking the pictures) and output (their digital preparation, printing, display and publication).

As our members have different preferred fields and are eager to develop there will always be scope for fun and learning.

Areas of interest that emerged include: Sports photography (American football, Cumbrian and Westmorland Wrestling), Night photography: stars and light trails (cars, sparklers), building exteriors, portraiture (including children), Interior photography, Farm animals / activities (Kyloes, Highland cattle), Dalston Zoo, Whetheriggs, Leighton Moss for wildlife, St. Lawrence’s Church.

Are you good enough to join?

Here’s encouragement from the pros:

John of Lakeland Photographic Holidays ( ) encouraged us with the reassurance that good results come with practice and that you can take great pictures with a variety of different equipment and that practise pays off, develops the eyes, with suitable reflection the more images you take the better results you’ll achieve.

Steve Holroyd, wildlife and travel photographer ( ) confirmed this and said that what is great about photography is that everybody’s approach to a particular subject will be unique and it’s that personal angle which keeps things fresh.

So there’s no need to feel shy or self-concious about your photographs or your kit with us!

As we also have different types and marques of camera ranging from phone cameras to DSLRs, we thought we’d bring them in so that  demonstrations and settings can be made on the spot.

We decided that we are not going to have internal contests/competitions, but will applaud and encourage members who participate in external ones. As a club we might consider making an exhibition and perhaps holding a stall at The Crosby Show.

In addition to our indoor meetings at The Butchers Arms, we thought we would have one outdoors activity or expedition per month that would take place at weekends to help make them accessible. Members proposed  a variety of interesting sites and activities ranging from the very local to the more far-flung. Networking is important and members can make any additional arrangements amongst themselves that are mutually agreeable.

Joan Raine kindly attended as Lyvennet Activity Group Organiser, and will help with liaison regarding use of LAG equipment such as the projector (this will be very useful for presentations) and has kindly said that if we seek funding as a group that we can apply as part of the Lyvennet Activity Group for funding that could be ring-fenced for our club’s purposes in the LAG account. This could be most useful for high-end image editing software for example.

We are really fortunate to have so many fantastic photographic opportunities around here and also such a good venue for our meetings.  The club has a great starting point!

There is currently no membership fee, and Keith & Bev at the Butchers Arms welcome our use of their well appointed meeting room provided that we avail ourselves of their  excellent refreshments, which we intend to do!  Any activities such as trips, that incur costs can be charged to members at cost , chipping in for petrol in shared rides and ‘going Dutch’ at venues etc.

If you’re interested in joining the club, please contact Charles at 01931 715270 for information. We shall put posters in the pub and village shelters to spread the word.

Until our next meeting, happy photography everyone!


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