Local Artist Debbie Esterhuizen Talks at C- ART Lecture Tonight, Kendal’s Brewery Arts Centre

20 x 20 EventYou may have recently noticed an intriguing yellow C ART sign pointing up to Brackenslack lane? That’s because we have accomplished resident artist Debbie Esterhuisen living and working in our community and she is a registered artist with C-Art 2013, a Cumbria-wide project that spotlights artists’ work in Cumbria.   A visit to their website reveals how rich a vein this is.

Perhaps its the extraordinary natural beauty of our County that attracts so many  good artists to live and work here, or perhaps it is that beauty which nourishes and inspires the artistic flair within people? Maybe both. Another thing Cumbria has plenty of,  is sheep, and so Debbie’s art work is particularly fitting  as her preferred medium is felt! I’m not talking about the sort of fuzzy felt we played with as children, this stuff is magical. The vibrancy of colour and control that she exercises over it is nothing short of delightful. See her website and I think you’ll agree. http://www.debraesterhuizen.com/

Her work including an outstanding image of a stone circle is available at Shap’s Fish & Chip shop.

Anyway, here are details of tonight’s event:

‘Contemporary Vision: 20 x 20′ Pecha Kucha Style Event  at Kendal Brewery Arts Centre, Cumbria, Tonight Wednesday 25th Sept. Begin with drinks and a chat at 7.00 pm, the talks begin at 7.30pm.

Seven or eight artist will represent their work in a dynamic fashion with 20 images.

Maggie Tony Edgar explains more at http://mtedgar.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/792/


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