Food Safety Week

Safe eating, some delicious stir-fried food

Safe eating, some delicious stir-fried food

You may have seen some news coverage recently about the prevalence of self-induced food poisoning. Well, here’s a message from CCC and some direct links to some useful information from the Food Standards Authority and  NHS to help keep our food hygiene good.  A lot of effort has gone into this site from the FSA:

The NHS have some very good information about safety in your kitchen via this link:


Food Safety Week 10-16 June 2013
This is a message sent via Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch. This information has been sent on behalf of Cumbria County Council
Message sent by
Nicola Clay (Cumbria Trading Standards, Community Support Officer , Cumbria)

“Are you ready to cook safely?” is the message of Food Safety Week organised by the Food Standards Agency whose theme this year is cooking at home. Most people don’t believe the food they cook at home can make them ill, but meals prepared at home can be source of food poisoning. Kitchen Check helps you to go through each stage of the food preparation and cooking process to find out how well you are doing or whether there are things you can change to help protect you and those you care about from food poisoning

The Trading Standards service monitors food labelling issues and advises all consumers to look for, and follow, storage instructions on food labels. Following this simple rule is just one way people can help them ensure they are not struck down with very unpleasant illnesses, such as Listeria or Salmonella poisoning. Residents are urged to follow all storage instructions, such as ‘keep refrigerated’ and to look for statements like ‘eat within three days of opening’ as opening a package can reduce the time they have to safely consume food.

Environmental Health Officers in the District Councils handle complaints about food quality, hygiene and safety issues. Trading Standards officers in Cumbria County Council handle complaints about food labelling, ingredients, and weights and measures.

If residents feel any food labelling is unclear or misleading they should contact Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 08454 04 05 06. For more information visit and take the Kitchen Check.


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