Update from St. Lawrence’s Church Crosby Ravensworth PCC Secretary.

St. Lawrence's Church Crosby Ravensworth at Easter

St. Lawrence’s Church Crosby Ravensworth at Easter

By Alex Barbour, St. Lawrence’s Church Crosby Ravensworth. PCC Secretary. 8 May 2013
Church Attendance Report January 1st – December 31st 2012
In this year we have had thirty seven services of which six have been joint with the Methodists.
Included in this figure were sixteen Holy Communion service, one Harvest Festival, one Carol service and one marriage service.

  • In total there were 1005 adult attendances and 222 child attendances .
  • There was one funeral service with 140 attendees when the collection was £434.46 of which 50% went to St Lawrence.
  • We also had an Easter Experience attended by 49 adults and 77 children and a SNACK Agape service with 8 adults and 13 children in the Summer.
  • The three Baptisms held were during normal services.
  • All in all we have had a fairly successful year.

We now have 76 on the Electoral Roll which is 13 more than in the past.
The team of Intercession Leaders now stands at 10 and we have a number happy to read in church too.
We need more workers in church though, folk to step forward and give of their time to help with practical matters as well as to serve on the PCC.
This has been a solid, consolidating year when we have grown as a congregation, enjoyed the warm Dent Chapel yet have realised that we must begin to think about warming the rest of our Parish church if we want to sustain that growth.

The Church Warden and Sidesman especially do a wonderful job, week in and week out, maintaining this vast old venerable space so it is as warm, clean and welcoming as it can be. Not an easy job in the present circumstances without a permanent heating system and they should be congratulated.

Glorious Church flower arrangement.

Church flower arrangements are always excellent. Thank you to everyone who helps in all their various ways to make services here so special.

The Flower Rota run by Joyce Raine and the Alter Cloths changed by Hazel, Mandy and Neil
Blenkinship according to the time of the church’s year, as well as the cleaning rota helpers, all keep the church looking fine and we do thank them for keeping on with at times thankless tasks. Ian Bainbridge attends the church clock regularly and Neil B puts up the Christmas star, both of which are appreciated. The entrance path is cleaned with moss retardant by Jill Winder and the church generally is in a good, cared-for condition thanks to the work of PCC members and others.

The Dent Chapel screening and heating were completed by Easter 2012 [apart from the Oak benches which we could not afford] and the chapel has proved to be a warmer, much more usable worship space. We have to keep a dehumidifier going all the time to extract damp air which rises through the grates so the grass-woven chair seats don’t get too mildewed and the glass screens remain clear. St Lawrence Grid Iron hangers now grace 20 or the 30 chair backs. Designed by Eileen Risk and sewn in wool by church members and their friends, these make a lovely addition for posterity.

Grant Funding
A grant was applied for to English Heritage/Heritage Lottery Fund which was granted on December 20th 2011. Over this year we have raised the funds to make up one third of the finance required by the end of 2013 [to add to EH two thirds]. This reflects the hard work, generosity and hope realised by many on the PCC and other supporters, both local and abroad. In addition, 66% came from Grant Giving Trusts, which has required much form filling and nail biting from Castlehow Scar. We now look forward to seeing the scaffolding going up in March so extensive work to the roof, water removal goods and the tower can start to ensure the church is water tight for many years to come.

Highlights of the year include a successful Open Gardens, Open Church [with exhibition] and Village Hall teas in July, Harvest Service with bring and share supper in September, Boon Day which was brilliantly attended to clear the churchyard, clean windows, clear moss and gutters, clear rubbish from inside church.

Then came the Carol service in December. Well-attended carol singing and two Dominoes nights in the Butcher’s Arms were effective fund raisers and great fun too.
We have a team of organists who play for us: David Jones, David Barbour [pianist who tries to play the organ, he says] and, on occasion, Richard Parry.
Thanks are due to all who gave so much time and effort to the success of such special occasions but also quietly, daily, get on with keeping our church running smoothly.

The lovely interior of St. Lawrence's Church

The lovely interior of St. Lawrence’s Church

Mission Action Plan Completed

As part of the body of Christ here in Crosby, we have completed our Mission Action Plan to guide us through the next few years, implemented the somewhat legalistic and daunting Safeguarding of Children and Young Adults required by the C of E [thanks to Eileen Risk and Stewart], received teaching about Communion by Extension and its limitations, learned more about the historical aspects of our faith rooted in the Old Testament and have followed the Church’s year faithfully in our lay led services.

Although SNACK has moved to other venues, Carolyn Fyfe has continued the bi-monthly Sunday school and started a regular JAM [Jesus And Me] time in the Dent Chapel with the CR nursery. We are glad to have Lay Reader David Jones, Carolyn and Stewart among us and only wish we had the resources to see them more often and benefit further from their ministry.

We want to thrive, not just to survive!


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