Parish Council Chair’s Report for the AGM meeting May 2013

Joan Raine at Lyvennet Activity Group Lunch Club

Joan Raine at Lyvennet Activity Group Lunch Club

In my first year as Chairman my first priority was openness and better communication amongst both the members and parishioners, however I soon discovered that email communications had disadvantages.

I also intended to revert to an earlier rotating system that the PC used to follow in which the meetings would be held in all the three villages.

We welcome Christian, the new clerk with the advantage of his local knowledge and issues and thank Amanda who had a number of on-going issues to resolve in her time with us; a letter of thanks has already been sent. I thank the members for all their hard work in their various roles, I always know who I can call if I have a problem or an issue that I need help with.

We now have meetings bi-monthly, but this is to be reviewed later this evening, we are a very unusual Parish council as we are all working members, whereas the majority of Parish Councils that I am familiar with have retired  members.

It has been an interesting year as some of the community aspirations from the community plan have come together with a lot of unseen work behind the scenes. Other plans have been abandoned, not because of any lack of commitment from the community but due to insurmountable problems. We still await the long overdue sewerage system,   the anaerobic digester and the shop have disappeared from the horizon. We have representatives here tonight from thriving organisations to fill us in on their past progress and future plans.

We have dealt with at least a dozen planning applications ranging from extensions, to farm buildings and new builds.

In the Diamond Jubilee Year we gave mugs to all the children in the parish, planted a commemorative tree in each village and put new notice boards in each village shelter.

We had an expensive year with essential maintenance the accounts are available where you will see we spent half of our £6,000 precept on two projects £1,500 on tree works and £1,500 on solving a drainage problem at Maulds Meaburn. We gave out no grants this last year.

This coming year, 2013 -2014, we have already committed the whole of our £6,000 precept to repairing the Police House. Luckily we have some money in reserve, as we were aware that major repairs were imminent, however we now have to be very cautious with our spending as we chose not to raise the Parish precept. We will have fewer expenses for the clerk, as there will be less travel expenses after Christian has completed the training course.

Click here for Meeting Minutes Draft Minutes AGM 2013


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