Climate Change, Deforestation And the Future of the World’s Forests, A Talk By Dr. Spracklen at MMVI

Maulds Meaburn Village Institute Thursday, 16 May 2013 at 7.30 pm

This Thursday, 16th May, Dr. Spracklen of the University of Leeds Institute of Climate and Atmospheric Science will deliver a talk on the major impact that deforestation plays in global climate change and the severe consequences of deforestation on ecosystem services and human welfare.

His research at Leeds University focuses on human impacts on global climate that are being experienced around the world, shedding light upon the important role that forests play in moderating the conditions that sustain life on Earth. These include significant influences on rainfall patterns and on cooling the Earth, not just through direct shade, but with chemicals that form tiny cloud-building aerosols in the upper atmosphere.

Dr. Spracklen is leading practical action to protect and restore forests including a  project to restore semi-natural woodland in Dunnerdale in The Lake District.

Tickets are available in advance by calling 01931715 509 at £10 for adults (under 18’s: £6) and on the door (pending availability).



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