Butchers Arms expansion: provision of additional dining/ meeting space and dry storage

Aerial view of CR Village

Aerial view of CR Village

Expansion plans from The Lyvennet Community Pub Ltd.

Lyvennet Community Pub

The Butchers has been awarded a £10,000 grant from Big Lottery “Awards for All”. In conjunction with some of our own funds this will allow the provision of additional 1st floor dining / meeting space.
The Butchers Arms cooperative pub / hub has now reached capacity with dining provision and is regularly turning away considerable additional trade. Balancing the needs of our tenants for turnover with the cooperatives desire for community space is an increasing challenge.
To resolve this issue the Directors propose the adaption of two upstairs storerooms / bedrooms into a single additional dining room.
To deliver the project there are two key stages:

  1.  Creation of additional dry storage in part of the existing outbuilding to release the upstairs rooms. This will be used for storage of additional glassware, crockery, soft drinks, tinned and dry food.
  2. Installation of an external fire escape, fire blind at the bottom of…

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