Eden Valley Digital Resurveying For Connecting Cumbria Broadband Application

Our Parishes are being resurveyed to provide information that will help Cumbria County Council’s Connecting Cumbria Project Team understand how best to improve broadband services in our area. Please can you respond quickly to facilitate the process? The sooner you can get your returns back to your broadband champion the better. There are new questions in this survey, so we need responses from everybody.

Sleagill have returned their survey 100% already.

Reagill was surveyed last week and returns are coming in to Margaret Wilcox

Maulds Meaburn was surveyed yesterday returns coming in to letterbox of Charles Paxton at Greywalls, Maulds Meaburn.

Parts of Crosby Ravensworth were surveyed today, the remainder will be surveyed tomorrow, returns coming in to the mailbox at The Parish Archive or to the bar staff of The Butchers Arms.

We are hoping that the returns will present a strong business case for possible funding from the Rural Communities Broadband Fund to help connect our communities, which have been identified as ‘hard to reach’. CCC is investigating the feasibility of connecting us through a Shap extension of the Connecting Cumbria project.

Thank you all for your help with this.




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