Dog attacked sheep yesterday – please keep all dogs under control and leashed during lambing

This is a polite reminder that all dog owners need to keep their dogs under control at all times when they are beyond the perimeter of your home and garden. This is especially important at this time of year as lambing is under way. All dogs should be on leashes in any area where there is livestock.

Sorry to say that a sheep was attacked by a dog yesterday on Meaburn Edge. It might not have survived if someone hadn’t promptly intervened.

Worrying sheep is a serious matter and farmers are well within their rights to shoot any dog without a collar in the act of attacking their sheep. NB If a dog has a collar, the offending animal should be held and handed over to the police, according to our Parish clerk. 

Please protect your dog and protect sheep by leashing your dog during lambing.

Cattle with calves

A Farmer advised me recently that cows with calves react to dogs as though they are wolves and are likely to charge them and may injure you in addition.

If you are walking footpaths with a dog, please inspect fields with cattle before you enter them, as cattle with calves can react very defensively to dogs.

Best practice is not to enter fields with a dog if they have cattle and calves in them.  

If you ever find yourself face to face with a defensive cow while walking your dog, you should:

1. quickly release your dog to allow it to run away, it can and will outrun the cow. Distance yourself from the dog and cow. The cow is most likely to follow the dog, not you.

2. in extremis, try to position yourself with an obstacle between yourself and the cow and depart the field.

Thank you very much.

Charles Paxton


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