Broadband Progress Update: Connecting Cumbria Questionnaire

Charles Paxton, EVD Director and broadband champion

Charles Paxton, EVD Director and broadband champion

One man’s view of what’s happening.

Key Recent Developments are:

  • Reagill, Sleagill, King’s Meaburn may possibly be served superfast broadband via a tranche of funding  associated with the Shap extension of the Connecting Cumbria project.  At the end of November CCC signed a contract for Connecting Cumbria with BT’s Bill Murphy, now everything’s moving along. Being thorough, CCC is looking at harder to reach communities first, very laudable, because their service is the weakest.
  • CCC is trying to get a minimum of 2 Mbs per second service to everyone, but their desire is to get the best service possible to as many people as possible. They do care about small rural communities such as these hard to reach villages and I think its good news that they are being surveyed, this campaign will facilitate all kinds of services to our population: Education, Telecare, Business etc. Hence the need for the new survey to argue the case of a need for the best service possible. I’m getting some really good responses from some Reagill businesses. Slow broadband is very frustrating and is a barrier to business and business communication. That’s what I’m learning so far.


  • Crosby Ravensworth, Maulds Meaburn, Newby, Morland, Cliburn and Bolton may be served through Cumbria County Council’s main roll out or possibly in another group composed of three areas which may require the return of additional information from our residents via  a new survey. This is pending confirmation.
  • Reagill Residents Some Connecting Cumbria questionnaires have been distributed around Reagill colour print versions are on order at the moment for filling in and return through my letterbox to Greywalls, Maulds Meaburn. I’m helping Cumbria County Council (CCC) with their research for their funding application to DEFRA’s Rural Community Broadband Fund. We need responses from all premises in Reagill, Sleagill and King’s Meaburn to establish the case for getting a superfast broadband solution in those communities.
  • Sleagill Residents Tony Edwards has already distributed all his forms around Sleagill. Please return these to the return address on the form.
  • King’s Meaburn Residents Gerry Rusbridge is going to be distributing forms around King’s Meaburn, his are on order. Please return these to the return address on the form.

I know you are very busy and I appreciate your efforts in returning this information to us. Data must be returned to CCC by 28th Feb, we’d like to get them in before that, so please aim for Feb 25.

CCC’s Cabinet will meet in early March to make crucial decisions about how service will be deployed. 

It is very complex decision making and CCC need to justify this expense to DEFRA, so your help in returning the data to us will help enormously. This information is a DEFRA requirement for the RCBF funding.  See the youtube video below – the community involvement is crucial.

NB Premises in these Parishes that are closer to Shap have been surveyed by Shap Broadband Champions in a separate collection group already for RCBF purposes.

Please see this video for messages from our MP Rory Stewart, Liz Malinson of CCC’s Connecting Cumbria Project seen here with Jim Savege and Alan Cook of CCC and Bill Murphy the head of BT Broadband.

Please contact your local broadband champion if you have any questions. You can see who your champion is and call for additional information on the Eden Valley Digital website’s Contact Page.

Please click here to view the Connecting Cumbria Website.


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