Maulds Meaburn Village Institute update

Many parishioners will have heard on the grapevine that there were questions about the future of the new Institute. At the October AGM the Annual Report outlined a successful first year of operation, with a licensed, insured, warm, watertight and a well functioning building. An energetic group of “Friends” had organised a varied range of events over the year, a mixture of the purely social interspersed with some successful fund raisers. Combined with the efforts of the small Management Committee, this had ensured that the Institute was solvent with sufficient funds in hand to see through the expensive winter period. Congratulations and thanks were expressed to all involved.

Unfortunately there were insufficient nominations to form a workable Management Committee, so while all looked forward to an exciting programme of events already planned to the end of 2012, it was necessary to call an Extraordinary General Meeting to recruit a larger Committee.

On Monday 14th January 30 villagers turned out in the cold and with warm hearts and positive thinking, 17 individuals accepted nominations onto the Management Committee ensuring that the Institute can continue to operate successfully. I attach the full list of Members so that parishioners are aware of the range of folk you can approach with ideas, requests, donations and offers of help

Committee Members: Mike Archer, Vanda Betts, Amanda Davis, Neil Davis, Margaret Jarvis, Annie Kindleysides, Sarah Leete, Adrian Marsh, Helen Marsh, Brian Morris, Natalie Myler, Tony Myler, Charles Paxton, Judith Roberts,
Sheila Smith, Adrian Walker, Nina Walkinshaw.
All good wishes for 2013
Annie Kindleysides Chair MMVI 2012.


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