Better Broadband: Survey of businesses in Reagill for RCBF Shap Extension application

Charles Paxton, local broadband champion is currently contacting people in Reagill again, this time to gather data in support of CCC’s RCBF funding application for better broadband in the Shap extension area. Thanks to the good efforts of Eden Valley Digital, Cumbria County Council’s Connecting Cumbria project and our MP for Penrith and the Border Rory Stewart, Crosby Ravensworth and Maulds Meaburn are going to be fitted out with superfast broadband via new cabinets as part of the main roll-out.

This is great news. However, we still need to secure a superfast broadband solution for communities of: Reagill, Sleagill and King’s Meaburn and outlying properties. The lines won’t carry superfast signals as far as these villages and outlying premises from those cabinets, hence the investigation for another solution there.

Click here to view Connecting Cumbria’s December Newsletter

Please note that there is a wireless broadband solution offered by Lonsdale Net    Call Craig Brass at 01228 808002   or email for their latest information. EVD’s technical officer Thane Brooker has been very pleased with the service.

The Broadband Cumbria Blog is currently down, pending a decision on its future.   The Eden Valley Digital  website is now referring people to this blog and to the Parish Newsletters for broadband news.


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