Doug Scott Lecture At Maulds Meaburn Village Institute A Resounding Success

Last night’s Doug Scott CBE lecture was fascinating and very entertaining. The talk was supported by superb photographs and there was an opportunity to buy collectors’ edition signed and framed prints at the after-talk auction. MMVI was packed and amongst the faces that I recognised in the intermission, there moved quite a few wiry bearded mountain men who looked as if  they were no strangers to high altitude derring-do.

Our thanks go to Doug, the Newricks and other friends of MMVI for another excellent event. The audiovisual quality was great, I could clearly hear and see everything from the very back of the main hall.

Half the ticket sales support our Institute, the other half and all the sales of cultural artifacts support the Community Action Nepal NGO that Mr. Scott has dedicated so much of his time to support and which has had transformative benefits for the mountain people of whom he is obviously very fond. CAN has built schools and Sherpa guide accommodation, and facilitated a medical centre bringing lasting improvements in the quality of life to local people.

Doug Scott advocates the institution of a fair payment system for Trek Guides and set up Community Action Treks to improve conditions for them and their families.

To describe the lecture as stimulating and inspiring would be something of an understatement.

Thank you very much, Mr. Scott, for your excellent lecture and to all of the people who came along.


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