The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations: Lunch Club and Exhibition at Parish Archive

Commemorative Jubilee DecorationJune 7, 2012. Crosby Ravensworth residents were delighted this morning to see that the commemorative Coronation seat in front of the Village Hall and Parish Archive had mysteriously sprouted a rather delightful knitted decoration overnight.
The public seat is now decked in red, white and blue, with two little guardsman figures. We don’t know who made them and put them there, but we can surmise that they are both very patriotic and skilled with knitting needles!

Just across the river there is an excellent exhibition of historical Jubilee memorabilia on display in Crosby Ravensworth Parish Archive, prepared by Eileen and David Risk and Betty and Gordon Bowness, Archive Committee members (call The Secretary @ 01931-715324).

Not only can visitors enjoy a very comprehensive collection of published material from magazines to newspapers and commemorative ceramics, but this is interspersed with a rich tapestry of local historical documentation, pictures and records that bridge the years and spark long and detailed recollective discussions among the residents.

Today the Lunch Club included a visit to the archive to see the exhibition. Usually held on the first Thursday of the Month, the club members meet, eat well, enjoy chatting and a variety of activities organised by Eden District Councillor and Parish Chair Joan Raine and catered by the very amiable and capable team at The Butchers Arms Community Pub (call Keith Taylor 01931-715722 for reservations)


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