Oak tree plantings for Crosby Ravensworth's celebrations for HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

This week three commemorative Oak tree plantings were undertaken as part of Crosby Ravensworth Parish’s celebrations for HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Mr. Gordon Bowness, our Parish Council Chair, searched for some healthy trees and found some very suitable 4 yr-old ‘whips’ at Weasedale Nurseries. Commemorative plaques will be set up by each tree.

The first planting at Crosby Ravensworth on Monday 23rd April took place at 15:00 and was attended by pupils, parents and teachers of Crosby Ravensworth Church of England Primary School and Parish Councillors.

The Maulds Meaburn Oak was planted the following evening at about 6.45 near the first new wooden footbridge, on the Island, in front of Elizabeth Cottages.

The Reagill Oak was planted at the Village Hall end of the Green.

There was a good turn out, the rain held off and there were three resounding cheers for Her Majesty!

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These Oak trees will hopefully still be standing about 1000 years from now. It was remarked that Mr. Bowness made an excellent job of the planting and mounting of the protective guards. They have since been well watered-in and have an excellent launch in life!

Please click here for more information about Her Royal Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.

Please click here for more information about Oak Trees.

Click here to see extracts from the BBC’ s superb Millennium Oak documentary film



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