Community Meeting at Reagill Village Hall Tues. 28th Feb 7.30 pm

Reagill Village Hall Consultation Poster

Reagill Village Hall Consultation Meeting Poster

Come along to state your views at a community meeting at Reagill Village Hall being held to discuss Natural England’s plans to  designate our area as National Park and the desirability of including Reagill. We have until March 16th to express our desires to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food  and Rural Affairs.  There is a website dedicated to this issue at with more information. Please try to attend in person because this is an important meeting and will benefit the Hall, but if you are unable to attend you can make written representation via Councillor Charles Paxton.

As you may know, the current plans divide our Parish by excluding Reagill and surrounding landscape. All Parish residents are welcome. There’ll be a 5 minute window to state your views, but you can submit your views in writing to our Parish Council and Orton Fells Group at any time.
The meeting will be held on Tues. 28 Feb. at 7.30
Entrance is free, a donation to Reagill Village Hall would be gratefully received by the Committee, it would help the Hall’s restoration efforts.

Thank you for caring about the future of our community.


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