The government’s ‘Get Ready for Winter’ web page is ready

The government’s ‘Get Ready for Winter’ web page is ready for service. The Get Ready for Winter web page is now viewable at:
This page provides suggestions for the simple things you can do to help you and your family keep warm, healthy and safe through the cold weather – as well as tips on saving money. Links to specific information and advice are listed in the “Useful sources of help” panel.There are several very good links coming off the main site including things like clearing your driveway/pavement – an area of concern for some members or the public due to insurance and litigation issues etc.

Cold Weather Payment
Winter Fuel Payment
Top tips on saving energy
The Snow Code – clearing snow and ice from pavements safely
Draught proofing your home
Staying warm in winter
Insulating your water tanks and pipes
Preparing for emergencies

Please share the links with your friends and family.

You may also like to be aware that The Cold Weather Plan for England is to be issued this week to raise both public and professional awareness of the effects of cold weather on health. The purpose of the Plan is to enhance resilience in the event of severe cold weather through a series of Cold Weather alerts sent to key organisations by the Met Office. It is an important component of overall winter and emergency planning and wider health promotion activity. It will be available from Friday at the below link.

The National Cold Weather Plan (should be available by Friday):

If your heating system is not all that it should be, don’t despair, help is closer than you may think. Logic Group based in Appleby’s Cross Croft Industrial Estate will be happy to assist. They design and install new heating systems and can alter and refurbish older ones. They can assist your application for Renewable Energy Premium Payments too because they are properly certified Microgeneration Certification Scheme installers.


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