Your Chance To Express Support For Eden Arts

I’m sorry to do a round robin and I don’t normally do this but I’m asking people I know in Cumbria to take a moment to respond to this petition and also to forward it to anyone you feel would like to have an opportunity to show their support for Eden Arts?

Eden arts was included in Arts Council’s National Portfolio at a low level of funding. A 70% cut from the local authority will destroy its ability to function effectively. Eden is the most poorly provided district in terms of the arts in Cumbria and has no public venues for the arts. Eden arts projects are all that exists within the district. It is vital that Eden arts are able to demonstrate support from residents in the district and sector based professionals in Cumbria. This petition is important in making their case.

Christian Barnes (CR)


One thought on “Your Chance To Express Support For Eden Arts

  1. Eden Arts seem to have a really efficient gearing (or degree of leverage) in terms of value from money granted and money raised.

    The timing of the cuts is unfortunate as we’re in the process of advancing superfast broadband infrastructure here. It’s not hard to envision an internet-based TV channel perhaps with open access areas and subscriber-based areas supporting and broadcasting local Arts events. It would be great if EDC funding could remain strong.


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