Superfast broadband for Crosby Ravensworth Parish

By Charles Paxton

As your elected Broadband Champion I am working on your behalf as a director of Eden Valley Digital Community Interest Company (EVD) which has been approved by our Parish Council as the vehicle for investigating the best way of bringing Superfast Broadband to the area. We are coordinating our activities with other community groups in the East Cumbria Community Broadband Groups Forum and liaising with Broadband Development UK and CCC.

To this end EVD has had meetings with potential suppliers British Telecom (BT), Cable and Wireless, Lancaster University Network Services (LUNS) and NextGenUs. EVD has requested written proposals from each company.

To date we have two written proposals

1.   BT (Openreach) – A Superfast Broadband Proof of Concept proposal to bring service as good as that available in any UK city including London.   For the proposal to be commercially viable, we require funding from the government and 60% take up.

2.   Proposal offering professional advice from LUNS.

I hope to contact each home and business in Crosby Ravensworth Parish to discuss the opportunities including the BT proposal before the next meeting of EVD on 10th October.  If you are out when I visit, I shall leave a form and calling card. Please call me if we missed each other.

So far the response has been most encouraging.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information.

Many thanks and best wishes,
Charles Paxton



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