Our PM Visits The Butchers!

Prime Minister, David Cameron Visits The Butchers Arms

First posted on 19/08/2011 on the LCP blog.
The PM joins a group photo outside the Butcher's Arms Community PubOutside the Butcher’s Arms Community Pub

Prime Minister David Cameron visited The Butchers Arms community pub in Crosby Ravensworth on Wednesday to meet the board of The Lyvennet Community Pub Ltd. and to enjoy a slap-up Big Society luncheon furnished by The Crosby Ravensworth Food Alliance. The meeting was set up at very short notice and without prior disclosure due to security considerations. The Herald Photographer had no idea what he’d be covering. What better blessing could any community endeavour enjoy? There was a slightly dream-like quality to the day.

For the full account please see The Lyvennet Community Pub blog.

The Butcher’s Arms will be open from Thursday 18th for a test-run, there’ll be a grand opening on Saturday, August 27th!

(C.Paxton photos)


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