Community Pub Update

Investors, hope you all have received your share certificate by now, maybe not if you’re overseas though & if you have just invested in the last couple of days.

All the shares have now been sold. £300,000

The pub will not be open until mid August as there has been a lot more to do than envisaged.
We had tradesman at the pub on Sunday 24th helping to move the project along.

The refurbishment is coming on great, the new games area has been painted & the double-sided stove is in place.

Our kitchen is having the walls boarded with a surface that is easily cleaned & the flooring has been laid. The kitchen equipment is being installed yesterday & today. Looking good !

The bar is starting to take shape with a drop down ceiling which is to mirror the shape of the bar, it will have downlights installed to highlight
the bar area. It is being made in oak.

The electricians are at the end of the first fix.

We have 297 investors in  total.

In next months “Big Issue” magazine is an article on the pub. I did a question & answer
session over the telephone & was asked to send a photo of myself.
The magazine has been guest-edited by the Prime Minister.

Special thanks to all of you who have given time to come & help out, it is greatly appreciated.

Kitty, Secretary LCP  Tel 01931715375


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