Beware Number plate ‘cloning’ fraud

Message sent by
Catherine Dunn (NHWN, Administrator, England & Wales)
Beware Number plate ‘cloning’ fraud

Dear members & supporters,

There have been some recent reports of car number plate cloning fraud. This is where criminals will fit a car with a ‘clone’ of your number plate so that if their car is involved in an accident or an offence such as speeding, your car ends up ‘taking the blame’ for the incident. This could result in heavy financial losses or even criminal charges. You can read more here at the This Is Money website:

Drivers who have number plates stolen or cloned should report the crime immediately to the police. Those who receive unexplained speeding or parking tickets should contact the issuing authority promptly.

Drivers who fall victim more than once should ask the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if they can re-register their car with a new number.

Yours faithfully,

Catherine Dunn
Information & Database Officer, NHWN


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