LCT To Give Workshop at National CLT Conference in London

Community Land Trust Annual Conference 2011
Savoy Place, London on 10th May

The LCT has been invited to deliver a workshop at this year’s National CLT conference in London. A film on our work was shown at last year’s conference.

From the conference agenda you will see there are some eminent speakers including a video speech by the Rt Hon Grant Schapps MP, Minister for Housing and Local Government, Pat Richie, Chief Executive of the Homes & Communities Agency and Lord Matthew Taylor, Chair of National Housing Federation.

Please Click here for the full story   Posted by: lvcpnews | April 9, 2011

The Lyvennet Community Trust (LCT), one of the first community groups supported as part of the Big Society, has been given the green light, meaning work can push forward on its community-driven affordable housing project in Eden.

Sign off by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) of a £600,000 investment has helped unlock a further £1m of funding from Charity Bank.

Please Click here for the full story 


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