Erection Above Reagill Village Annoys Many Residents

By Charles Paxton

Yesterday a tall anemometer mast was erected in Keith Hall’s field directly above Reagill Village, annoying many of our local residents who have formally objected to it alongside some others who didn’t get around to objecting.
There were over 180 objections to the wind mast planning application made to EDC, but nevertheless permission was granted for the 51 meter high temporary mast.
Despite being aware of popular opposition to this erection, Farmer Hall has given the go-ahead to a Nottingham based developer to press on with a skyline development on his land that will be visible from miles around due to its prominence. Slim as the mast is, compared to the giant turbines that he hopes will follow it, many view it with disgust as it represents a far more threatening ambition from Mr. Hall and his partners.

The device has been erected to measure wind speeds in an attempt to usher in a cluster of up to 13 industrial scale wind turbines, each could be taller than St.Paul’s Cathedral. This mast is just 51 meters high compared to the proposed turbines, which at 125 meters high and nearly 90 meters wide tip to tip (about the length of a football pitch!) would present a significant visual presence. If such a scheme were allowed to proceed then the turbines can be expected to severely degrade the amenity value of local residents homes as they are planned to be built along a ridge in a very dominating position between the passage of the sun and the bulk of the population of Reagill and Sleagill.

Please note that in stark contrast to the unpopular wind farm plan at Reagill there is a popular local initiative to produce green energy through Anaerobic digestion in Crosby Ravensworth Parish undertaken by Lyvennet Renewable Energy– and a plan is also being formulated by them to heat Maulds Meaburn Village Institute via an Air Source Heat Pump, so there are various alternative green energy options to an enormous wind factory in the Parish.

Residents who perhaps might wish to make their feelings known to Keith Hall, either in support of this erection at his behest or in opposition to it (however you feel) may find his contact details in our local Service Directory under the heading Fourteen Seater Minibus.

The organisation that is trying to protect local residents from this proposed wind factory, Communities Against Reagill and Sleagill Turbines (CARST) is also listed in our directory should you wish to contact their Committee or check their website for information. Their second pamphlet describes the Anemometer mast in the context of the wind farm development that might follow it – please see the PDF below.

Carst NewsLetter No 2

If you find this file is taking a long time to download – then you may be interested in reading up about developments in our Community broadband project which is rapidly gaining momentum and could result in our residents enjoying some of the fastest residential broadband service in the UK by mid 2011!


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