Beer Festival Weekend In King’s Meaburn!

NB: In 2013 the dates for the Eden Beer festival are 20-22 July, good beer and curry available! This year £3.00 for two half pint tickets.

At the White Horse in King’s Meaburn this weekend there’s beer and live music! Come one come all for a jolly good time!

Get yourselves down to The White Horse in Kings Meaburn because all this weekend they’re offering the finest selection of Real Ales that I’ve ever seen gathered in one tent! I spent many hours chatting merrily with good folk and trying these ales by the half pint. It’s £5.60 for two half pint tickets and its worth chatting to the bar staff and fellow customers to point you in the right direction – or steer you off a less favoured brew!


The live music’s good, the ladies get prettier with each passing glassful, the variety of live ales is phenomenal and the atmosphere is congenial, gentle, fun and family friendly! Kids happily playing together, dogs rolling on their backs getting their tum’s scratched, lots of crack (the chat, not the cocaine derivative) and lots of good ale and cider.

Bring a folding chair or sit on a hay bale. You can camp on site, there’re good WC facilities.


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