Comfort food in a good cause: Bake sale and Charity Curry

By Charles Paxton

First date for the diary: Appleby, Saturday May 22

Jesse's Charity Bakesale

Jesse's Charity Bakesale

You can have your cake and eat it (provided that you do things in that order) in Appleby this Saturday morning at the charity bake sale in Appleby’s St.Mary’s Catholic Church.

I’m reliably informed that the proceeds will go towards purchasing a wheel chair for a paralyzed Indian lass.

Lass needs a wheelchair

Lass needs a wheelchair

I’m having a light breakfast, and then I’m going to stuff my face for a good cause! I don’t normally have such a good excuse and I intend to make the most of it.


Preserves for a good cause

Second date for the diary: June 11  7:15 pm

Furthermore, there’s a Charity Curry Feast at Cliburn Village Hall on June 11 starting at 7:15 pm.

Ace curry chef’s Alan & Jessey Oddy will be serving up good food in good company for a good cause. I’ve been fortunate enough to try their fare before and I can testify that the menu was delicious, and as each bite was helping orphans I was not ashamed to stuff myself beyond normal measure. I intend to do so again!

Jesse says that take away is fine if you bring along an appropriate container – that may be a popular option for parents with very young ones at home.


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