CROSBY RAVENSWORTH PARISH COUNCIL Précis of minutes of meeting on 7th December 2009

To discuss matters arising from minutes of 2nd November .

Ideas for capital items that could be funded from County Councilor Tom Lowther`s allowance from Cumbria C.C. –

Clerk reported that Mr Lowther had phoned him to advise about a recent meeting at C.R. School with interested parties about the proposed kerbing along the adjacent property. It had achieved only 10th place in the queue of  Highways work  but  by the time it is discussed at a local committee meeting due in March he hoped that it would be higher and also that he would be allocating £1000 of his allowance towards this work which is only partly funded by Highways.

Natural England`s proposal for cattle on Crosby Fell/Gaythorn Fell.

Gordon Bowness reported that the  Commoners had signed up to the scheme which started on 1st October with cattle on the fell from 16th May to 15th November each year. Cattle will be old fashioned, quiet, hardy breeds such as Galloway. From 2010 there will be 23 cattle on the fell with 46 the following year and annual increases until 115 cattle are present. The scheme runs for ten years.

The Chair, Annie Kindleysides, was sorry to report that Ian Lumley, a former councillor, had had a severe stroke. The Clerk was asked to send a good will card with best wishes for continued improvement.

Church Bridge – structural repair.

Clerk had received a helpful letter from Countryside Services about the repair. It seems that Cumbria C.C. would contribute to the cost but it would help if a contribution came from the Parish Council.

It was agreed that the Council would be willing to make an unspecified contribution  to the repair which would not take place until the Spring 2010.

Bonfire on M.M. Village Green – do we allow this to continue given increased illegal use as a rubbish disposal or do we seek an organisation to run the event

It was agreed that the fly tipping had been worse than usual this year but the event had been held annually for many years.

A brief note will appear in the February Link seeking residents views.

Budget for 2010/2011

The Clerk presented a budget for the next financial year which shows a need for an increase in the precept from the District Council which has been £3500 for past three years. This was due to expenditure of the current year which included  the £3000 cost of removing the gravel beds in the Dalebanks Beck for flood prevention for which no grant was available. Our reserves were down to £4000 and the cost of the repair to Church Bridge not yet estimated and therefore not budgeted, a precept of £4500 was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously.

This would result in Parish council tax on a B and D property being £20.43 for the year, an increase of £4.64.

Highways Update including erosion of riverside path south of Bridge Cottage M.M. Chair asked Clerk to write to Countryside Services  advising of  this erosion and requesting  them  to carry out an urgent repair. There was also river bank erosion opposite No. 5 Riverside Cottages, M.M. which will require work next April. Gordon said that the  stepping stones M.M. will also need repair in 2010.

Correspondence received.

Red Telephone boxes in Eden – final decision by Eden District Council who have power to veto closure of boxes although BT can appeal.  Telephone box outside C.R. Village Hall: “Closure vetoed. Mobile phone coverage inadequate. Local community wish to retain. High use. Community safety grounds.” The District  Council also told BT that the change from cash to “cashless” was viewed as a retrograde step.

Full minutes posted on notice boards in village shelters.


One thought on “CROSBY RAVENSWORTH PARISH COUNCIL Précis of minutes of meeting on 7th December 2009

  1. Thank you PC for defending the phone box.
    Thank you Tom Lowther for helping with the costs of kerbing by the school.
    We’re sorry to hear about Mr. Lumley and wish him all the very best with his recovery.

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