Coping with Jack Frost and Sam Snow

The clearest route to Penrith or Appleby seems to be via Bolton. We learned recently that it’s a relatively easy run from Maulds Meaburn through Kings Meaburn with a right turn to Bolton (by the Lady who sells fine free range eggs), and then on to the A66. On our return we saw a Barn owl catching a small rodent at  the turn-off to Maulds Meaburn!

Clear road A 66
Clear road A 66

The LVC has been subject to severe cold recently, and there’s more to come apparently. You might want to check your car for any drinks bottles or cans that might burst on you (or already have burst) and get them out of the car.  This can popped in our boot while we were driving and gave us quite a shock!

This soda can burst in the car boot!

This soda can burst in the car boot!

Outdoor or garage taps and piping are very vulnerable to this sort of  deep freeze. Our local plumber, Tim Leete rescued us promptly and efficiently.

Tim advised that we isolate and drain outdoor and garage taps, turn off their stop-cock and open up the tap to drain off remaining water. Any water still in there can squirt out as a harmless icicle rather than burst your pipe-work!

Burst pipe


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